[gold-users] CPU-type specific charge rate & charging for GPU usage...

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Wed Oct 20 15:11:48 MDT 2010

Hi Richard,

I can think of a few issues and possible solutions here. The first issue is that it is not clear that Moab or Maui currently send the necessary information when configured to interact with Gold (such as Generic Resources, or Feature information). There is a request to resolve this deficiency in a new Native Allocation Manager Interface which should become available in a later release of Moab. For the time being, this pretty much leaves us with the necessity of interacting with Gold at the Resource Management layer instead (such as via a prologue and epilogue in Torque) in order to send the required information along in the charge and reserve requests.

If you do this, and assuming you pass these in like CPUType=Intel, and GPUs=3, this offers some possibilities...

For the below, I will assume you are running gold 2.2 or higher in order to take advantage of the new charge rate types.

If you don't mind applying the cputype as a multiplier, you might configure a Name Based Multiplier called CPUType (with a value of Intel mapping to 1.0 and a value of AMD mapping to 1.5) and a Value Based Resource called GPUs (with rate of say .5), then along with a VBR of Processors (=1), you might get a charge like the following for a job that runs for 100 seconds.

charge =  ((2 [Processors] * 1 [processor charge rate] + 2 [GPUs] * .5 [GPU charge rate]) * 100 [duration]) * 1.5 [AMD CPUType Multiplier] = 450

However, I assume that instead of multiplying the CPUType, that you really want to change just the processor charge rate for the different processor types, so I think you could do this by adding a Multi-Dimensional Value Based Resource   with the following properties:  Type=Processors, Name=CPUType, Instance=Intel, Rate=1 
and another with the properties:  Type=Processors, Name=CPUType, Instance=AMD, Rate=1.5

Then the same charge would look like:

charge = (2 [Processors] * 1.5 [Processor charge rate for AMD] + 2 [GPUs] * .5 [GPU charge rate]) * 100 [duration] = 400

So, in short, it should be possible within Gold, but only if the SRM passes in the necessary information to the charge command. If you are using an epilog to make the charge, the command line might look something like:

gcharge -J myjob.1 -P 2 -X GPUs=2 -X CPUType=AMD -t 100

I hope this helps,



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> Hello,
> We have a cluster which consists of different types of CPUs; Intel
> Westmere and AMD Magny Cours. Is it possible to use a different
> ChargeRate
> for these different CPUs within Gold? All CPUs are in the same queue
> within Torque & Moab.
> Also, I'd like to charge users for usage of GPUs. I'm treating the
> GPUs as a
> GRES within Moab. Is the best idea to treat GPUs like a license in
> Gold?
> Best Regards,
> Richard Christie
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