[gold-users] importing old job data into gold

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It was introduced in gold-2.2. If you are using 2.1 you will not have gmkjob.

The imported jobs will not show up against the old statement, they will show up against a current statement only. However, the jobs will be inserted into the job table with the specified StartTime and EndTime (while CreationTime and ModificationTime will be current dates). You have to realize that Gold tracks the historical states of all allocations and objects and you can't just insert debits into the past. This would disrupt and change every intervening state. This would have effected balances causing other jobs not to have been able to run, invalidating previously generated statements, etc. You would never see a bank inserting credits or debits into their past balance sheets. If a bank catches a mistake, they correct it in the present with a current refund or withdrawal.

When you import the job data, it does not affect balances. If you wish to catch up for the past charges, the charges will occur in the present.


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importing old job data into gold 

Quick question about importing old job data (from Maui logs) into Gold. 

I've noticed that it seems to be possible to do this using the goldsh shell (in the manual it shows gmkjob, but I cannot seem to find it; is it deprecated?): 

goldsh Job Create JobId=PBS.$goldId.0 User=$netId Project=$account Machine=$machine Charge=$charge Processors=$procs StartTime=$startTime EndTime=$endTime WallDuration=$walltime 

>From there, it seems one can use gcharge to charge the job: 
gcharge -p $account -u $netId -m $machine -P $procs -t $walltime -j $goldId -d "charge imported from old data" -s $startTime -e $endTime 

Now, provided that I properly fill in the correct attributes, and use the proper gold job id, would doing the above operations properly keep the timestamps of the jobs? Meaning that if I have job logs from September 2009, if I import them and use their epoch time (do all the conversions, etc), will the gstatement commands and other querying operations reflect the proper dates/times? 

gstatement -s 2009-09-10 -e 2009-12-25 

Will the imported jobs from the Maui logs properly show up within that statement, and NOT show up for a rather recent query? 


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