[gold-users] Charge Rates and Balances

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri May 21 10:31:27 MDT 2010


You will have to tell me what you did to to get it to charge in 

A couple of things you could do:

If you were using Moab/AMCFG, you could set the Processors ChargeRate to 
1/3600 = .0002777

If you were using a prolog/epilog, you could keep your Processor 
ChargeRate at 1 and send in WallDuration in hours instead of seconds.

The --hours,-h flags in the various command are just convenience options 
which take the value and divide by 3600 (sometimes showing 2 decimal 
places in precision as well).

Matthias Lein wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've set up gold (with maui-3.3 and torque-2.4.6) and they
> seems to work harmoniously together.
> I then wanted to adjust the ChargeRate to reflect that one unit in an
> account was equivalent to one processor-hour (maybe not a good idea,
> but I was playing around with it) instead of a processor second. While
> doing this I realised the following: The fact that one unit of funds
> in an account equates to one processor-second seems to be hard-wired
> into gold. 

> If I change the ChargeRate through goldsh, "mybalance -h"
> still gives me the same output irrespective of the actual charge rate
> for processor time.
I would net expect this to be the case. Something is not as it should 
be. I am suspecting that whatever you are doing to charge for hours 
instead of seconds is not taking. Please show me what is happening and 
how you have it configured.



> Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
> Cheers,
> Matthias
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