[gold-users] question on types of allocations

ingmar ingmar at ucar.edu
Tue May 11 10:05:40 MDT 2010

We are thinking of having two types of allocations that can be captured 
by Gold.
1) One we call term allocations, which looks to be supported 'out of the 
box' by Gold by the gdeposit command.  This can be defined as a one time 
allocation with a start end expiration date.  The rate of use on this 
allocation is not restricted.
2) The second type of allocation can be termed as a rate of use 
allocation.  This could be defined as...
Units of allocation used for the previous X number of days should be at 
or below this rate of use threshold.  If the threshold is exceeded, then 
the job runs at a lower priority queue.  In special cases it would be 
possible to raise the threshold manually.  This could be expressed as

Pa = (At * Tp) / (Te - Ts) in days

Pa = allocation for Tp
At = allocation amount
Tp = time period for rate allocation
Te = end time
Ts = start time

example at 30 day rate allocation...

Ts = Jan 1, 2009
Te = Jan 1, 2010
At = 100,000 units
Tp = 30 days
Pa = 8,219 units... The project must consume less than 8,219 units of 
allocation during any 30 day period.
The gdeposit command doesn't seem to support this rate of use 
allocation.  What seems to be supported by the gdeposit command seems to 
be what we have defined as a 'term' allocation.
Would this be somehow done by the creation of our own custom allocation 
type object?
Is it possible to capture this allocation rate of use in Gold, and if so 
how could this be done?

Thanks for any insight any Gold users out there might have,
-Ingmar Thompson NCAR

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