[gold-users] mapping unix groups to gold projects

Brian O'Connor oconnorb at unimelb.edu.au
Tue May 11 01:55:47 MDT 2010

   we are setting up an installation that may have 2 torque/moab clusters and a slurm/moab
cluster talking to a Gold AM bank.

We are testing Gold with a small torque/maui cluster before beginning the first integration
with a production torque/moab cluster :) phew!

Gold appears to work but on the torque/maui test cluster, the jobs come through with no
project set. We would like jobs submitted to the queues to have their unix group mapped
to a gold project, and hoped that this would be the default. Looking at the logs maui
does not send a "project" field to Gold at all unless the user uses "qsub -A projectid ..",
and this is not what we had hoped.

Does anyone know of a way in moab to automatically map a user group to be an "account" or

How are others doing this stuff?

Thanks In Advance

Brian O'Connor

Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative
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