[gold-users] gbalance and glsalloc will not work if no users are allocated

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Wed Mar 17 12:06:55 MDT 2010


This is a known shortcoming in Gold. Because of the way that it must use 
table joins in determining relevant allocations, all projects must have 
at least one member or the allocation will not be found when using 

You CAN use the --exact-match option to get the account to display. You 
could make this an alias if you want (alias glsaccount='glsaccount 
--exact-match'), or tweak the script accordingly.

[scottmo at keko ~]$ glsproject foo
Name Active Users Machines Admin Description
---- ------ ----- -------- ----- -----------
foo  True                                   

[scottmo at keko ~]$ glsaccount -p foo
[scottmo at keko ~]$ glsaccount -p foo --exact-match
Id Name Amount Projects Users   Machines Description   
-- ---- ------ -------- ------- -------- --------------
58 foo    1000 foo      MEMBERS ANY      Auto-generated

This is because Gold does a whole bunch of logical filtering that can 
only be done via joins, for example, if you ask for all accounts or 
allocations for projecta, it will also give you all accounts associated 
with "all projects" because all projects include projecta, or if you are 
asking for all accounts with userb, it will show all accounts which have 
associated projects for which the user is a member of the project, etc. 
Using --exact-match will turn off the logical filtering and just give 
you literally all accounts which have a the specified project or user 
directly associated with it. If you ask for glsaccount -u usera and the 
Account foo lists MEMBERS under Users, you will not get a match because 
this requires logical filtering. So, --exact-match may or may not work 
for you. Please try it out.



Alexander Oltu wrote:
> We are using Gold and noticed that when project has no members
> in it gbalance will not work.
> glsproject -p nn9103k
> Name    Active Users Machines Description 
> ------- ------ ----- -------- ----------- 
> nn9103k True                              
> glsalloc -p nn9103k
> There are no accounts for the specified project. Please respecify the
> query with a valid account id.
> glsalloc |grep nn9103k
> nn9103k     184 88      True   2009-10-01          2010-03-31
> 23:59:59    148500000           0    148500000 nn9103k     145 88
> False  2009-04-01          2009-09-30 23:59:59    450000000
> 0    450000000 
> glsaccount -p nn9103k
> glsaccount |grep nn9103k
> 88 nn9103k        148500000 nn9103k     MEMBERS ANY      Auto-generated
> If I assign user to that project than all commands will work with
> project as an argument.
> Is it a bug?
> Thanks,
> Alex.
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