[gold-users] gbalance and glsalloc will not work if no users are allocated

Alexander Oltu Alexander.Oltu at uni.no
Wed Mar 17 03:01:44 MDT 2010

We are using Gold and noticed that when project has no members
in it gbalance will not work.

glsproject -p nn9103k
Name    Active Users Machines Description 
------- ------ ----- -------- ----------- 
nn9103k True                              

glsalloc -p nn9103k
There are no accounts for the specified project. Please respecify the
query with a valid account id.

glsalloc |grep nn9103k
nn9103k     184 88      True   2009-10-01          2010-03-31
23:59:59    148500000           0    148500000 nn9103k     145 88
False  2009-04-01          2009-09-30 23:59:59    450000000
0    450000000 

glsaccount -p nn9103k

glsaccount |grep nn9103k
88 nn9103k        148500000 nn9103k     MEMBERS ANY      Auto-generated

If I assign user to that project than all commands will work with
project as an argument.

Is it a bug?


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