[gold-users] A couple of questions related to Gold...

Ingmar Thompson ingmar at ucar.edu
Wed Mar 10 08:30:52 MST 2010

I was wondering if anyone might be able toanswer the following questions 
on Gold as we evaluate adopting it at NCAR (National Center for 
Atmospheric Research).
1) Our group at NCAR is mainly Java with some Perl knowledge.  We were 
wondering if anyone has experience with developing a Java GUI 
application to interface with Gold.  We are looking at possibilities to 
call the Perl API functions via Java, but were wondering if anyone has 
pursued this route with any success?
2) There is mention in the Gold documentation that a Java API was 
written.  Did this ever happen?  I get the sense this was something that 
was dropped with preference going to the Perl API.
3) Gold intergration with Moab.  Does anyone have any comments on how 
difficult this has been for you?  What were the most difficult aspects 
of getting these two hooked up?
Thanks for any input anyone can provide out there...
-Ingmar Thompson WEG/CISL/NCAR

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