[gold-users] Gold project admins

Steve Crusan scrusan at ur.rochester.edu
Fri Jun 18 14:34:24 MDT 2010


     Right now, we have our project groups / accounts mapped to department
sponsors, which are also users in gold. I¹d like to make certain users
project admins. I can achieve this by creating a role, and adding actions:

goldsh Role Create Name=$ProjectName_admin
goldsh RoleAction Create Role=$ProjectName_admin Object=Project Name=ADMIN
goldsh RoleUser Create Role=$ProjectName_admin Name=$User

This does what I need to do, but it requires creating a lot of roles (when
put into production, it will be 93 and growing...). Is there a way to map
the relationship between for the project admin flag to an actual role? Here
is what I mean:

gold-> \d g_project_user;
g_admin             | character varying(5)    | default 'False'::character

What I¹d like to do is create one role, say SponsorAdmin, where any user
that has the Œg_admin == True¹ to be an admin of the g_project, and reflect
that functionality within the web interface. Right now, it seems as if the
framework is there, but I am not putting together the right goldsh commands
to map this correctly.

As anyone done anything similar?

Thank you!

Steve Crusan
System Administrator
Center for Research Computing
University of Rochester
(585) 276-5599

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