[gold-users] Backing up gold database

Steve Crusan scrusan at ur.rochester.edu
Fri Jun 11 14:32:45 MDT 2010

Sorry for the newbie (postgres + gold) question, but what is the best way to
backup the gold database?

While I was waiting for someone to work on some other gold functions, I
decided to make some horrific changes to the golddb via the goldsh commands,

Before that, I stopped gold, and then did the standard pg_dump gold

I started up gold again, and deleted all the role actions...(2ndary gold dev
env, so it¹s okay)
Then I did the restore using psql gold < gold-$DATE.sql

When I start the daemon again, I cannot run commands anymore, basically I
get the error:
Failed obtaining database connection: Unable to generate next id for Request

That seems to be an issue with the transaction logs.

Is there a better way to do online/offline backups of the gold db? I realize
this might be a postgres question, so I apologize is this is in the wrong


Steve Crusan
System Administrator
Center for Research Computing
University of Rochester
(585) 276-5599

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