[gold-users] SSSRMAP wire protocol specification ?

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Fri Jun 4 12:01:08 MDT 2010


That site is probably down for the count now. It actually lasted about 3 years longer that I expected it to:) I have recent copies that I can send you. I am trying to get a link on the Gold page at Adaptive Computing where I will drop all of this stuff for future reference.



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SSSRMAP wire protocol specification ?

Hi folks,

I'm looking at how we could integrate Gold into our django
based user management package and I was trying to find
details of the SSSRMAP protocol that the command line tools
use. The Gold user manual says the docs should be available
from here:


but that site appears to be down - anyone know of an
alternative location ? Google doesn't seem to be
helping me.. :-(

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