[gold-users] association between queue type and machine

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Mon Jul 19 15:38:55 MDT 2010


The only challenge is getting these kind of altered charge requests 
passed to Gold. The only available current option I can think of would 
be to invoke the Gold charge functions from prolog and epilog scripts 
instead of having Moab interact directly with Gold. Then you can easily 
construct such a call to Gold and it will work as expected. Sample 
prolog and epilog scripts can be found in the Gold contrib directory.

A little further down the road, Moab is implementing a native allocation 
manager layer in which instead of interacting directly with Gold, Moab 
can call scripts that you define that do all of the interaction. I 
believe this will be available in Moab 6.0 in the November timeframe. Of 
course, I can't make any promises regarding the schedule of any 
particular feature in Moab, but this is what we are shooting for. This 
will eliminate the need to use prolog and epilog scripts and allow many 
more customizations on the charging behavior with Gold (and 
theoretically any other billing system that might be usable).

I hope this is helpful,


p.s. Although Gold 2.2 has a Multi-dimensional Value Based Resource 
Charge Rate Type, What you need here is a Multi-dimensional Name Based 
Multiplier Charge Rate Type. We don't have this in plan at the moment, 
but I will consider it for addition to "Gold 3.0" which is being 
engineered now.

ingmar wrote:
> Hello,
> I am not seeing that Gold by default has a concept of the queue types 
> that are associated with a machine.  For example, a regular queue 
> running on machine A may have a different charge from a regular queue 
> running on machine B.  I am proposing that a resource manager pass Gold 
> for a job record the name of the queue where the job ran in the 
> following format...
> machine_name+queue_name.
> This way we could setup Gold with charges such as
> chipeta_regular  QOS Rate=1
> antero_regular QOS Rate=2
> Does this sound like the way to get this level of granularity for 
> charging, or am I  missing a customization that could be made to Gold to 
> cover this need?
> Thanks,
> -Ingmar
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