[gold-users] association between queue type and machine

ingmar ingmar at ucar.edu
Mon Jul 19 13:51:25 MDT 2010

I am not seeing that Gold by default has a concept of the queue types 
that are associated with a machine.  For example, a regular queue 
running on machine A may have a different charge from a regular queue 
running on machine B.  I am proposing that a resource manager pass Gold 
for a job record the name of the queue where the job ran in the 
following format...
This way we could setup Gold with charges such as
chipeta_regular  QOS Rate=1
antero_regular QOS Rate=2

Does this sound like the way to get this level of granularity for 
charging, or am I  missing a customization that could be made to Gold to 
cover this need?


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