[gold-users] Changing debit order possible?

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Thu Jul 8 12:42:05 MDT 2010


That is an interesting issue. My best off the cuff answer would be to 
make the credit account expire one minute later than the debit account. 
That would probably accomplish what you want since earliest expiring is 
the highest precedence qualifier (if the admin credit account is tied to 
the same project, then a minute difference would suffice. If it is tied 
to ANY project, then offset it by 10 minutes.)



RNothdurft at spirit21.de wrote:
> Hi again,
> I've run into the next problem. As on page 32 of the userguide "Gold 
> will debit allocations in the order of earliest expiring and
> most specific first." In general situation this order makes sence, but 
> is there a possibility to change it?
> I'll show you why with following scenario:
> - i've got a project with 3 users, one of them is admin
> - the project has got a budget of 100000 credits
> - the project admin is allowed to spend additional 10000 credits on 
> credit, but only if the other project-budget is exhausted
> So i wanted to use 2 accounts to map it to GOLD, one for the admin 
> with 0 credits, but 10000 as credit option and the other one for all 
> project members with the whole budget of 100000 credits.
> As you now may see, if the admin is submitting a job, his 
> corresponding account is getting negativ, instead of GOLD is using the 
> shared account.
> I know as admin he's able to transfer the missing credits back to his 
> account, but is there nevertheless a possiblity to do this without 
> such a workaround?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Kind regards,
> Richard
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