[gold-users] Antwort: Re: Maui integration problems - AMCFG-Parameter not working?

RNothdurft at spirit21.de RNothdurft at spirit21.de
Mon Jul 5 03:16:01 MDT 2010

Hi Scott,

first of all thank you for your fast reply and advice.

gold-users-bounces at supercluster.org schrieb am 02.07.2010 19:27:22:
> Hi Richard,
> RNothdurft at spirit21.de wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > i'm evaluating GOLD in a test environment, but there are some problems 

> > with the maui integration.
> >
> > I'm getting some errors if an user submits a job without enough 
> > credits on his GOLD account but the job runs anyway and without 
> > reservation in GOLD...
> So, are you saying that Maui is running the job, even when an 
> insufficient funds error is returned? If so, this would be an issue with 

> Maui -- unless you can see a behavior issue in Gold.

It may be an issue with maui, but i thought my integration parameters are 
wrong and this would rather belong to gold... also the maui.log says there 
is a bank failure:
07/02 11:14:32 MSysRegEvent(FAILURE:  cannot receive response from 
allocation-manager server master:7112 (cmd: '<XML>')
07/02 11:14:32 WARNING:  cannot reserve allocation for job '49', 
reason: BankFailure

> > If there are enough credits on the account there are no problems, 
> > reservation and charing of jobs are working.
> > I checked the parameter JOBFAILUREACTION but i think the default 
> > setting is correct. I tried some other values (HOLD,HOLD; RETRY), also 

> > to change the parameters TYPE,HOST,PORT to SERVER as mentioned here:
> > http://www.clusterresources.com/products/mwm/docs/6.
> 4allocationmanagement.shtml#gold 
> >
> This documentation is for Moab, not Maui. The HOLD,HOLD syntax will not 
> work in Maui, neither will the SERVER syntax.
> > but without effect.
> > I changed the WIREPROTOCOL-parameter from XML to HTML and also to 
> > SSS2, just to see some changes in the logfiles, but the shown messages 

> > are still in XML-format.
> >
> > So, the questions:
> > 1) what's wrong with my configuration?
> What do the maui docs say to use here. Is JOBFAILUREACTION the right 
> parameter to use with Maui (I know this parameter name has changed a few 

> times over the years).

I'm sorry, i didn't consider that there could be differences in 
AMCFG-Parameter options between Maui and Moab.
So i checked for the corresponding Maui-Documentation and found it here:
As you can see there, the SERVER parameter should also work since Maui 
3.2.7 and the parameter i'm looking for should be DEFERJOBONFAILURE in 
Maui. I tried it again with that parameter but also without success. Jobs 
still start without a reservation in GOLD if the credit value is below the 
value needed for reservation...
Here again the corresponding part of maui.log:
07/05 10:00:03 WARNING:  request failed
07/05 10:00:03 ALERT:    request failed with status code 782 (Insufficient 
balance to reserve job (JobId 55))
07/05 10:00:03 MSUDisconnect(S)
07/05 10:00:03 ERROR:    cannot receive response from allocation-manager 
server 'master':7112
07/05 10:00:03 MSysRegEvent(FAILURE:  cannot receive response from 
allocation-manager server master:7112 (cmd: '<XML>')
07/05 10:00:03 MSysLaunchAction(ASList,1)
07/05 10:00:03 INFO:     command response 'NULL'
07/05 10:00:03 ALERT:    no job data available
07/05 10:00:03 ALERT:    cannot extract status
07/05 10:00:03 ALERT:    cannot reserve allocation for job
07/05 10:00:03 WARNING:  cannot reserve allocation for job '55', reason: 

My new configuration in maui.cfg:

But if the DEFERJOBONFAILURE parameter is the correct one, why is the 
--with-gold configure parameter of maui inserting the parameter 
JOBFAILUREACTION=IGNORE to maui.cfg by default?

> > 2) why is the logging still in XML-format?
> >
> I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by this. Can you show me an 
> example of the logging format that you think is wrong?

I thought that because of the '<XML>' INFO, FAILURE and DEBUG messages 
below. I thought if i change the WIREPROTOCOL parameter, the logging would 
show something like "SSS2" or whatever i set it before...

07/05 10:00:03 MS3DoCommand(allocation-manager,NULL,OBuf,ODE,SC,EMsg)
07/05 10:00:03 MSUSendData(S,15000000,FALSE,FALSE)
07/05 10:00:03 INFO:     packet sent (705 bytes of 705)
07/05 10:00:03 INFO:     command sent to server
07/05 10:00:03 INFO:     message sent: '<XML>'
07/05 10:00:03 MSysRegEvent(FAILURE:  cannot receive response from 
allocation-manager server master:7112 (cmd: '<XML>')

2010-07-05 10:00:03.266 TRACE Gold::Response::failure  invoked with 
arguments: (782, Insufficient balance to reserve job (JobId 55))
2010-07-05 10:00:03.267 TRACE Gold::Reply::new  invoked with arguments: 
(connection => IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0x8656d2c))
2010-07-05 10:00:03.267 TRACE Gold::Reply::sendChunk  invoked with 
arguments: (Gold::Chunk=HASH(0x91fee44))
2010-07-05 10:00:03.268 TRACE Gold::Reply::marshallChunk  invoked with 
arguments: (Gold::Chunk=HASH(0x91fee44))
2010-07-05 10:00:03.268 DEBUG Gold::Reply::sendChunk  Writing reply header 
(HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M
Content-Type: text/xml; charset="utf-8"^M
Transfer-Encoding: chunked).
2010-07-05 10:00:03.269 INFO  Gold::Reply::sendChunk  Writing reply 
payload (232, <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
balance to reserve job (JobId 

Thanks again for any suggestions and your patience with a newbie like me 

Kind regards,

> Thanks,
> Scott
> > Thanks for any suggestions.
> >
> > Kind regards,
> > Richard
> >

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