[gold-users] Maui integration problems - AMCFG-Parameter not working?

RNothdurft at spirit21.de RNothdurft at spirit21.de
Fri Jul 2 03:52:22 MDT 2010


i'm evaluating GOLD in a test environment, but there are some problems 
with the maui integration.

I'm getting some errors if an user submits a job without enough credits on 
his GOLD account but the job runs anyway and without reservation in 
If there are enough credits on the account there are no problems, 
reservation and charing of jobs are working.
I checked the parameter JOBFAILUREACTION but i think the default setting 
is correct. I tried some other values (HOLD,HOLD; RETRY), also to change 
the parameters TYPE,HOST,PORT to SERVER as mentioned here:
but without effect.
I changed the WIREPROTOCOL-parameter from XML to HTML and also to SSS2, 
just to see some changes in the logfiles, but the shown messages are still 
in XML-format.

So, the questions:
1) what's wrong with my configuration?
2) why is the logging still in XML-format?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Kind regards,

Error in maui.log:
07/02 11:14:32 MS3DoCommand(allocation-manager,NULL,OBuf,ODE,SC,EMsg)
07/02 11:14:32 MSUSendData(S,15000000,FALSE,FALSE)
07/02 11:14:32 INFO:     packet sent (705 bytes of 705)
07/02 11:14:32 INFO:     command sent to server
07/02 11:14:32 INFO:     message sent: '<XML>'
07/02 11:14:32 MSURecvData(S,15000000,FALSE,SC,EMsg)
07/02 11:14:32 MSURecvPacket(9,BufP,1024,^M
07/02 11:14:32 MSURecvPacket(9,BufP,1024,^M
07/02 11:14:32 MSURecvPacket(9,BufP,232,NULL,15000000,SC)
07/02 11:14:32 WARNING:  request failed
07/02 11:14:32 ALERT:    request failed with status code 782 (Insufficient 
balance to reserve job (JobId 49))
07/02 11:14:32 MSUDisconnect(S)
07/02 11:14:32 ERROR:    cannot receive response from allocation-manager 
server 'master':7112
07/02 11:14:32 MSysRegEvent(FAILURE:  cannot receive response from 
allocation-manager server master:7112 (cmd: '<XML>')
07/02 11:14:32 MSysLaunchAction(ASList,1)
07/02 11:14:32 INFO:     command response 'NULL'
07/02 11:14:32 ALERT:    no job data available
07/02 11:14:32 ALERT:    cannot extract status
07/02 11:14:32 ALERT:    cannot reserve allocation for job
07/02 11:14:32 WARNING:  cannot reserve allocation for job '49', reason: 
07/02 11:14:32 MRMJobStart(49,Msg,SC)
07/02 11:14:32 MPBSJobStart(49,MASTER,Msg,SC)
07/02 11:14:32 INFO:     job '49' successfully started

Allocation Manager configuration in maui.cfg (Default with 
configure-parameter --with-gold):

Richard Nothdurft
DHBW-Student der SPIRIT/21 AG
Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 36, 71034 Böblingen
E-Mail: rnothdurft at spirit21.de
Internet: http://www.spirit21.de


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Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE 198412560
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