[gold-users] SQL Queries for gold commands

Steve Crusan scrusan at ur.rochester.edu
Thu Jul 1 13:27:35 MDT 2010


    Is there anywhere in the source that has a SQL styled listing of the
queries used for certain gold commands (such as gstatement, etc, etc)?
Looking through the source of some of the perl scripts, it looks like most
of those use the Database.pm in the lib/Gold/ libraries directory.

    We¹re building a front end to gold, but we¹d like to use the postgres
database itself as the datasource, and I like some of the gstatement
commands and such. So I was wondering if there is an internal listing or set
of documentation anywhere for this that lists some of the SQL queries used
to generate the reports. I know we can probably look over the Database.pm
heavily and devise our own system, but since Gold already does this
extremely well internally, I¹d rather not recreate the wheel.

    It is either doing the above, or putting the Gold client
commands/libraries on our web app and then hooking PHP with it to generate
what we need.

    Anyone else do something similar?


Steve Crusan
System Administrator
Center for Research Computing
University of Rochester
(585) 276-5599

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