[gold-users] Question regarding gquote and goldsh ChargeRate Create

Ingmar Thompson ingmar at ucar.edu
Wed Feb 10 09:12:15 MST 2010

We are just starting to look at Gold to manage our allocations at NCAR 
in Boulder, Colorado.
This is what I was trying to do...
Currently the accounting unit GAU is calculated for our Bluefire system as
|GAUs charged = wallclock hours used * number of nodes used * number of 
processors in that node * computer factor * queue charging factor

where computer factor = 1.4 and queue charging factor = type of queue.  
This is how I have loaded up our charges

goldsh ChargeRate Query
Type             Name           Rate Description
---------------- -------------- ---- -----------
Resource         Processors     1
QualityOfService ComputerFactor 1.4
QualityOfService Capability     1
QualityOfService Economy        0.5
QualityOfService Hold           0.33
QualityOfService Premium        1.5
QualityOfService Regular        1
QualityOfService Standby        1

Using the above, I can use the gquote to get close to the output of this 
simple charging algorithm...

gquote -p aircraft -u bertie -m lightning -P 32 -t 3600 -Q Economy -X 
Successfully quoted 57600 credits

I am having a problem getting gold to multiply in the ComputerFactor of 
1.4.  The rest of the equation is working
||wallclock hours used * number of nodes used * number of processors in 
that node * ||queue charging factor
The computer factor is just a factor placed into the equation based on 
the speed of the machine when compared to the speed of a machine used as 
the standard (i.e. 1)

When I use the -X option in the gquote for the ComputerFactor this is 
just a guess on my behalf.  I am not at all clear from the Gold 
documentation as to what exactly the -X --extension option really does?
In order to implement this charging equation stated above, would we need 
to modify the code of Gold?
Any insight that you might have would be greatly appreciated.
-Ingmar Thompson WEG/CISL @ NCAR

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