[gold-users] Suggested change to gcharge

Hazlewood, Victor Gene vhazlewo at utk.edu
Fri Feb 5 06:21:05 MST 2010



I have a suggestion to help people who use gold to post charges when
they fail to help identify the offending posting in their accounting


Say this job is posted:

/usr/local/gold/bin/gcharge -J 417495.xt5 -m kraken.nics.teragrid -Q
'negbal' -s '2009-12-31 23:14:10' -e '2010-01-01 15:49:05' -P 96 -p
TG-DMR070016N -t 59695 -u user1 -C longsmall -X
RealHost=kraken-xt5.nics.utk.edu -N 8 -X QueueTime='2009-12-25 10:50:22'
-X RequestedWall=129600 -X Memory=7476 -X Discount=NegBal


In this example it failed with this:

Insufficient funds: There are no valid allocations against which to
issue the charge


If the site has a script that is being run to post charges the job that
created the above error message could easily be identified from the
script if the jobid (the -J option value) was printed out.  When a job
succeeds the jobid is printed.  I am suggesting for every error message
for a gcharge that the jobid be printed as well along with all the rest
of the message.


Here are other examples (note the jobid is not listed - sure would help
if it was. When it is not then manual steps are involved to figure out
the job that failed in the script):

gcharge.20100102.out:Project TG-MCA01S027 is not active

gcharge.20100113.out:Project BE does not exist


Here is examples of success messages:

Successfully charged job 423576.xt5 for 1047612 credits

Successfully charged job 423579.xt5 for 1045200 credits

Successfully charged job 423580.xt5 for 1041180 credits


I'll probably make the code changes to do this sometime soon, but
haven't yet.






Victor Hazlewood, CISSP

Senior HPC Systems Analyst

National Institute for Computational Science

University of Tennessee

http://www.nics.tennessee.edu/ <http://www.nics.utk.edu/> 


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