[gold-users] Error in gchproject after adding an object attribute

Mike McCarty mmccar19 at utk.edu
Mon Feb 1 12:24:12 MST 2010


I used the follow commands to add an attribute to our Project object.

goldsh  Attribute Create Object=Project Name=DisplayProject DataType=Boolean

Afterwards the project table looked like the following.

gold=> \d g_project
                              Table "public.g_project"
       Column        |          Type           |             Modifiers
 g_creation_time     | integer                 | not null
 g_modification_time | integer                 | not null
 g_deleted           | character varying(5)    | default 'False'::character
 g_request_id        | integer                 | not null
 g_transaction_id    | integer                 | not null
 g_name              | character varying(1024) |
 g_active            | character varying(5)    | default 'True'::character
 g_organization      | character varying(1024) |
 g_special           | character varying(5)    | default 'False'::character
 g_description       | character varying(1024) |
 g_grant_number      | character varying(1024) |
 g_amie_transaction  | integer                 | default 0
 g_amie_active       | character varying(5)    | default 'False'::character
 g_nccs_project_id   | character varying(1024) |
 g_sent_to_nccs      | character varying(5)    | default 'False'::character
 g_pi                | character varying(1024) |
 g_prj_type          | character varying(1024) |
 g_fos               | integer                 |
 g_display_project   | character varying(5)    | default 'False'::character
    "g_project_deleted_idx" btree (g_deleted)
    "g_project_name_idx" btree (g_name)
    "g_project_txnid_idx" btree (g_transaction_id)

Then in the psql...

Set g_display_project to the default for the existing records.
update g_project set g_display_project = 'False';

Set g_display_project to ŒTrue¹ using the filter I had in my forms project
select query.
update g_project set g_display_project = 'True' where <filtered for specific

My problem is that I now get this in gchproject.

bash-3.2$ gchproject -p TG-STA100003 -X AmieActive=True
DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR:  column "g_fos" is of type integer but
expression is of type character varying
HINT:  You will need to rewrite or cast the expression.

Notice this was the last column before I added g_display_project.  Without
looking at the source code, I would guess that there¹s an update SQL
statement in the database abstraction layer that¹s trying to set a char to
g_fos instead of g_display_project.  Is there another data structure that I
need to update after adding the attribute?  Or what using psql directly a
bad idea?


Mike McCarty, HPC Software Developer

National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS)
University of Tennessee

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