[gold-users] Questions about statistics (gstatement/glsjob)

Mehmet Soysal mehmet.soysal at kit.edu
Wed Aug 11 10:50:01 MDT 2010

since a few weeks we are using Gold now and i have some questions about
how to get some statistics from Gold.

I wrote some script to fill Gold with all our old logs,
everything looks good and works great so far.

But struggling about "CreationTime" and Job EndTime

In my case i trying to get a summarization for example:
How many job finished in a month (incl. used cpu time)
and maybe which projects consumed how many cpu hours in this month and 
so on ..

gstatement command looks right for this, but it is using the 
Creationtime from  allocations. But if i fill Gold with old logs they 
all have actual dates for creationtime.

With glsjob i can tell which jobs i want:
glsjob  -s "2009-04-01 00:00:00" -e "2009-04-30 23:59:59"
but there i no kind of summarize for users/projects/machines ........

I added some options and a little bit for glsjob which does this now for 
me, but im wondering if there is an already working solution for this.


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Karlsruhe Institut of Technology (KIT) | Email : mehmet.soysal at kit.edu
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