[gold-users] datamining

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Tue Sep 8 05:46:01 MDT 2009

hi all,

i'm trying to get some useful info from the golddb but i'm a bit stuck
with the db structure.

in the g_job table, what does the creation time mean of a job that is in
g_stage 'Charged'? is it the time the job was submitted? i'm assuming
the modification date for a charged job is the time the job finished (ie
final modification)
so g_modification_time - g_creation_time - g_wall_duration could be the
time spent waiting in the queue?

i would also like to know what the original requested walltime was. how
can i link a charegd job with this number? (somewhaere the reserved
credits should be kept, right?)

and one final question: can i filter out walltime consumed by failed
jobs somehow from the gold db? our maui policy is
CHARGEPOLICY=DEBITSUCCESSFULWC, so only succesful jobs are "Charged",
but i should be able to track reserved uncharged jobs somehow, right?

thanks a lot,

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