[gold-users] Projects and accounts

Michael Sternberg sternberg at anl.gov
Tue May 26 09:28:14 MDT 2009

I have a few newbie questions regarding organizational structure and  
Gold terminology:

(1) Are project hierarchies implemented?  (I'm using Gold-

(2) The torque and Moab *account* entity addresses Gold *project*  
names rather then Gold *account* names - Scott explained this in http://www.supercluster.org/pipermail/gold-users/2006-November/000013.html

How does Gold handle a project with several accounts. i.e., how is an  
appropriate account selected from a machine/project/user tuple?

I wanted to create an organizational structure as follows:

   - Physical department -> Project D

   - Project D will have an intrinsic Account -> DA0
     This will be a fallback/testing account.

   - Physical department has Staff -> Users U1, U2, ...
     I give those users accounts under Project D -> DA1, DA2, ...

   - Proposals -> Project P<n>, with auto-account

My intent is resource tracking by user while having the department as  
umbrella, e.g. for "gbalance -p Department".  "gusage" within a multi- 
user project gives usage by user, but I'd like separate limits, which  
requires separate accounts.  As a side effect, collecting user  
accounts under one project will reduce the number of Projects (I have  
another foreseeably large physical namespace of Proposals, which have  
to map to projects).  Would this work in practice?


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