[gold-users] Installation prerequisites

Ken Schumacher kschu at fnal.gov
Wed Jun 10 15:48:50 MDT 2009


On Jun 10, 2009, at 4:19 PM, Scott Jackson wrote:

> Ken,
> Interesting. It was my belief that the steps that you describe  
> having taken should have been just right. It is intended that the  
> user who you run configure as becomes the "gold" user and all  
> permissions should be set accordingly. I did not believe that there  
> were any problems where it would fallback to using the literal user  
> gold unless overridden with the configure --with-user=gold option.  
> Apparently I am mistaken.
> Let's explore where things went wrong. As you specified, it should  
> have gleaned the correct user from the id of the user that you ran  
> configure as. This should have been put in the Makefile as USER =  
> goldam.
> Can you give me the result of the following:
> grep "^USER" Makefile

[goldam at lqcd gold-]$ pwd
[goldam at lqcd gold-]$ grep "^USER" Makefile
USER        = goldam
[goldam at lqcd gold-]$ grep -i gold /etc/passwd
goldam:x:27:4525:Gold Allocation Manager acct:/home/goldam:/bin/bash

I now think I see what has happened here.  While I only joined  
Fermilab's HPC group in January 2009.  There have obviously been  
others working on this from before I joined in.  It would appear that  
someone else had previously installed some version of Gold on this  
head node.  I see a user named 'gold' was added to the password file  
previously.  It was associated with the group 'nobody' and its home  
directory was created around Jan 8, 2007.  So there appear to be pre- 
existing files that I had not expected.

So this leaves the housekeeping / clean-up of this stuff in my lap.   
Thanks for explaining the install process and the wise idea of not  
overwriting existing configuration files.

More later,
Ken S.

[ Quoted text snipped for brevity ]

> I currently cannot explain the behavior you saw. Please start by  
> giving me the requested output and then a full listing of the  
> permissions of the installed files.
> Thanks,
> Scott

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