[gold-users] default project usage

Stijn De Weirdt stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be
Thu Jan 29 06:31:52 MST 2009

hi all,

we have a joint torque/maui/gold setup and i'm struggling with the
behaviour of the default project.

maui is configured with
AMCFG[bank] FALLBACKACCOUNT=default_project

(which should be renamed to FALLBACKPROJECT if i understand the inner
workings of maui+gold a bit)

anyway, users are added in gold with as default project default_project.
default_project is a project which has as users MEMBERS and machines

the is also an account coupled with project default_project and which
also has as users MEMBERS and as machines ANY.

a. why can't a job that is submitted not use this account associated
with the default_project for crediting?
b. why does a 'glsuser -show Projects' not show the default project?

i assumed that by setting the default project for the user, this user is
one of the MEMBERS of this project. apparantly this is not the case.

any tips are welcome.

many thanks,

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