[gold-users] gcharge issued twice via Torque's epilogue script

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Tue Dec 22 10:42:01 MST 2009


No, I'm sorry. There is not. Gold will charge for a job as many times as 
it is called. There are provisions for incremental charging where it all 
goes against the same job instance, and if not, it considers them 
separate jobs with the same jobid. All I can think of is that you could 
write a wrapper script that looks up the jobid and if it has already 
been charged that same day, ignores the second charge.

I assume you have a ticket open with the Torque support queue on this.


Kevin Van Workum wrote:
> I use Torque's epilogue script to issue the gcharge command after a 
> job completes. However, it occasionally happens that the epilogue 
> script runs twice for a given job. This happens when Torque sends a 
> sigkill a few seconds after the initial sigterm is sent. Though I'd 
> like to prevent the script from running twice, I haven't had much 
> success. So, I'm now searching for a solution though gold.
> Is there a way to have gold ignore duplicate charges for the same JobId?
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