[gold-users] Gold system getting bogged down

Scott Jackson scottmo at adaptivecomputing.com
Tue Dec 8 11:21:19 MST 2009


Let me know if you don't seen the reply I gave to you and Steve just 
moments ago.



Hazlewood, Victor Gene wrote:
> Hi!
> Got a gold issue… We have a Cray XT5 system which is starting to run 
> about 7000 jobs a day. I post process the Torque accounting log each 
> night and create gcharge records for posting to gold. With 7,000 
> gcharge records and each taking approximately 5-8 seconds each it is 
> taking 15 or more hours to process the accounting records. (bad!). The 
> gold database and gold daemon are on an infrastructure server and the 
> gcharge is done on the Cray directly.
> What can be done to the post processing process, gold daemon or the 
> gold database to speed up the processing of these gcharge records? I 
> wish these gcharge commands would take less than a second. Maybe they 
> have always processed in more than 1 second, maybe even more but when 
> we had 1000-2000 or less jobs is wasn’t really noticed.
> These records in Gold are being used to copy information to another 
> postgres database using gold commands to collect the info and then 
> subsequently these records are posted to an off site database. With 
> these three things going on (charge posting, processing charges into 
> the other database, and sending the charges offsite) gold is doing 
> quite a bit and seems to get bogged down with these requests. Also 
> gold is getting queried at the job submission to make sure there is 
> time available in the account. All this is putting pressure on gold 
> and it seems to be slowing significantly (or noticeably I guess) under 
> the pressure.
> Thanks for any help you can provide.
> -Victor
> Victor Hazlewood, CISSP
> Senior HPC Systems Analyst
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> University of Tennessee
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