[gold-users] Unauthorized overdrafts

Scott Jackson scottmo at clusterresources.com
Wed Apr 15 18:45:30 MDT 2009


I can't recall if I've answered this one already for you. Unfortunately, 
I found that my spam filter had incorrectly removed this from my Inbox. 
I apologize for the long wait if you have not received an answer yet.

Tolis Sisiaridis wrote:
> I noticed that although i left the CreditLimit for all project 
> allocations set
> to the default value (0) , it is possible to reserve and charge any 
> number
> of credits to any account using greserve/gcharge. Is this the normal 
> behavior  of  the application
> and if it is , how can i prevent this from happening? Using the latest 
> version of GOLD...

Reservations should fail. Charges should succeed. Let me know if this is 
not what is happening.

The theory is that when you are deciding whether to start a job, you do 
not want to start it if there are not enough funds, so you should reject 
the reservation request and the resource manager should normally not 
start the job (as a side note, some schedulers, such as Moab, can be 
configured to run the job even if the reservation fails).
Once a job has actually run and used actual resources, you probably want 
to record the usage, even if it makes the account go negative. If this 
happens, then something else went wrong (the job run past its wallclock 
limit, or a withdrawal was made to your account before the job could 
complete, etc). It doesn;t do you much good to use the cycles and throw 
away the accounting and not charge for it. It has to be accounted for. 
If this happens on an account with CreditLimit of 0, we need to figure 
out what else is going wrong to allow the job to get started when it 
should not have had enough credits to do so.


> Thanks,
> Tolis
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