[gold-users] default project usage

Scott Jackson scottmo at clusterresources.com
Wed Apr 15 18:35:29 MDT 2009

Hello Stijn,

I'm trying to catch up on requests after I discovered a number of the 
gold-users requests were filtered into my spam folder. I'm sorry about 
the delay.

Stijn De Weirdt wrote:
> hi all,
> we have a joint torque/maui/gold setup and i'm struggling with the
> behaviour of the default project.
> maui is configured with
> AMCFG[bank] FALLBACKACCOUNT=default_project
> (which should be renamed to FALLBACKPROJECT if i understand the inner
> workings of maui+gold a bit)
Well, Moab and Maui use the word account to mean what we call a project 
in Gold. Since the term is used by Maui, it is proper for it to be 
called Account. But, as you indicate, it will refer to a project name in 
Gold. Accounts in Gold are a different animal which Moab/Maui have no 
notion of.

> anyway, users are added in gold with as default project default_project.
> default_project is a project which has as users MEMBERS and machines
> ANY.
Although MEMBERS and ANY can be used as special tokens when associated 
with an account, it would be a mistake to use these as the members in a 
project. If you intend to use AccountUser=MEMBERS and AccountMachine=ANY 
in your account, you will need to add the users (amy, bob, dave, etc) 
directly as members of the project. There is no need to set any value 
for machine.

To clarify. Let's say you create a project called chemistry. You can add 
users that become members of that project (amy, bob, dave). Now you want 
to give that project some money. To do so, you must create an account 
for it. So, you create an account and tell the account that the funds in 
it are valid towards a single named project (i.e. 
AccountProject=chemistry), the users who can use the money/cycles in the 
account are the members of the associated project (AccountUser=MEMBERS), 
and the clusters that the funds in this account can be used on are any 
defined cluster (AccountMachine=ANY). Then you can make a deposit into 
this account of 100000 units that are valid during the year 2009.

One reason it is constructed this way is so you could also grant another 
100000 units that just amy could use within the project on just the 
colony cluster (AccountProject=chemistry, 
AccountUser=amy,AccountMachine=colony) and another 200000 units that 
everyone besides amy could use with the chemistry project on the colony 
cluster (AccountProject=chemistry,AccountUser=(MEMBERS,-amy), 
AccountMachine=colony). This gives you great flexibility on how to 
assign your funds within your project.

> the is also an account coupled with project default_project and which
> also has as users MEMBERS and as machines ANY.
> questions:
> a. why can't a job that is submitted not use this account associated
> with the default_project for crediting?

I don't know. After you have it setup the way you think it should be 
working, please demonstrate the wrong behavior and send me the maui/moab 
logs and goldd.logs for the appropriate timeframe and I will gladly look 
at it for you.

> b. why does a 'glsuser -show Projects' not show the default project?
Have you set a default project for the users? Use gchuser -p 
<projectname> <username>.
FALLBACKACCOUNT is not a default project and is not known by Gold. When 
Moab tries to run (reserve) a job, it will first try to use the project 
specified by the job (msub -A). If no account is specified, and a 
default project is specified in Moab (USERCFG[john] ADEF=chemistry), it 
will pass this one to Gold. If Gold receives a reservation or charge 
where a project (account in Maui) is not specified by Maui, it will try 
to use the default project known to Gold (set as demonstrated in the 
first sentence above). Otherwise the charge will fail. Now, if for some 
reason, the account that you try to use in Gold, according to the 
project chosen by the above process is a valid account, but does not 
have sufficient funds, Moab will retry the charge using the FALLBACKACCOUNT.

> i assumed that by setting the default project for the user, this user is
> one of the MEMBERS of this project. apparantly this is not the case.
That is correct.

> any tips are welcome.
> many thanks,
> stijn
I hope this gets you considerably closer!


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