[gold-users] PBS integration

Scott Jackson scott at clusterresources.com
Tue Mar 11 10:31:54 MDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 10:03 +0000, Tolis Sisiaridis wrote:
> So far i was testing GOLD on an Altix running PBS pro.
> Job reservation and charging is possible by wrapping
> greserve and gcharge inside the prologue/epilogue scripts
> together with some simple calculations ( walltime/date
> conversions etc) in bash. I can share my prologue/epilogue
> scripts if requested.

If you would do this, that would be terrific. Thanks.

> I am trying now to use GOLD on clusters running PBS
> Pro where things are much different and i am stuck.
> The prologue/epilogue scripts are executed by
> each MOM ( pbs execution daemon) which runs on each cluster node.

> This means that i need to install and run the GOLD daemon
> on each node

You should not need to do this. One Gold daemon should be sufficient for
an entire cluster. It is even common to have only one Gold daemon for a
whole site where the one goldd manages multiple clusters.  You WILL need
to have the gold clients installed locally such as gcharge and greserve
(obviously) and in the gold.conf you will configure where the host and
port for the goldd server is.

> and also when a JOB ends on x*nodes then
> we will have x*MOMs charging for the same job!!

I would bet that PBSPro will support both models simultaneously, i.e. I
would highly suspect that you can configure separate prologs and epilogs
that will run (1 only on the exec_host) and (2 on all moms in the job).
Then just put the greserve,gcharge stuff in the first variety. If you
are unable to do that, they certainly there would be a way to determine
that you are on the first node -- like grab the first node in the
hostlist and only reserve/charge if it matches the hostname.


> My question is: Has anyone managed to use GOLD
> on clusters managed by PBS and if so how ?
> Tolis
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