[gold-users] PBS integration

Brock Palen brockp at umich.edu
Tue Mar 11 08:29:31 MDT 2008

>>> I am afraid we don't have Maui, Torque or Moab, just PBSPro.
> And prologue/epilogue  are executed  by  default  from
> the PBS execution environment ( MOM) whenever a job
> starts or ends. On clusters, each node runs its own MOM
> so the scripts are executed multiple times for jobs that
> are split among nodes.

Strange this never used to be the case, for our cleaning we used to  
have to loop over all nodes because only one mom (the first one)  
would run epi or pro.

They must have changed this.  Could you not do something like:

MOTHER=`cat $PBS_NODEFILE | sort | head -n 1`

if [ $MOTHER -eq `hostname` ]; do

?  I have not dug around these in a while, but you could parse qstat - 
n1 $JOBID also for the first node.  Its a hack but it should work.


> On shared memory machines only one MOM is  running
> and that is why  things are much simpler there.
> Tolis

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