[gold-users] PBS integration

Brock Palen brockp at umich.edu
Tue Mar 11 08:03:02 MDT 2008

It's been some time sense we used PBSPro (Use torque now).  But  
prologue and epilogue  were only ran on mother superior.  Unless this  
changed recently you should be fine.

Is there a way to talk to gold directly via the schedular?  We hook  
in directly from moab and maui.

Brock Palen
Center for Advanced Computing
brockp at umich.edu

On Mar 11, 2008, at 6:03 AM, Tolis Sisiaridis wrote:

> So far i was testing GOLD on an Altix running PBS pro.
> Job reservation and charging is possible by wrapping
> greserve and gcharge inside the prologue/epilogue scripts
> together with some simple calculations ( walltime/date
> conversions etc) in bash. I can share my prologue/epilogue
> scripts if requested.
> I am trying now to use GOLD on clusters running PBS
> Pro where things are much different and i am stuck.
> The prologue/epilogue scripts are executed by
> each MOM ( pbs execution daemon) which runs on each cluster node.
> This means that i need to install and run the GOLD daemon
> on each node and also when a JOB ends on x*nodes then
> we will have x*MOMs charging for the same job!!
> My question is: Has anyone managed to use GOLD
> on clusters managed by PBS and if so how ?
> Tolis
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