[gold-users] PBS integration

Tolis Sisiaridis tolis.sisiaridis at oerc.ox.ac.uk
Tue Mar 11 04:03:24 MDT 2008

So far i was testing GOLD on an Altix running PBS pro.
Job reservation and charging is possible by wrapping
greserve and gcharge inside the prologue/epilogue scripts
together with some simple calculations ( walltime/date
conversions etc) in bash. I can share my prologue/epilogue
scripts if requested.
I am trying now to use GOLD on clusters running PBS
Pro where things are much different and i am stuck.
The prologue/epilogue scripts are executed by
each MOM ( pbs execution daemon) which runs on each cluster node.
This means that i need to install and run the GOLD daemon
on each node and also when a JOB ends on x*nodes then
we will have x*MOMs charging for the same job!!
My question is: Has anyone managed to use GOLD
on clusters managed by PBS and if so how ?


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