[gold-users] meaning of Display

Stijn De Weirdt Stijn.DeWeirdt at ugent.be
Fri Aug 8 01:42:01 MDT 2008

hi all,

after closing the browser window and reopening/relogin, all expected 
fields (ie create etc etc) are there.

i actually changed the permissions during login, but i assumed that a 
simple logout was sufficient.


Stijn De Weirdt wrote:
> hi all,
> i'm trying a few things out with gold to see how we could benefit from it.
> but i have a question about the Display=true|false meaning of an Action.
> the manual still (incorrectly) lists it as part of an Object, and 
> describes it as 'Since we would like to manage licenses from the web GUI 
> we will set Display=True.'
> in the changelog i found that the Display attribute is now set to 
> Actions, so i thought as following: the User object has an Action Create 
> which has Display set to True. if i know create a user and give that 
> user the SysAdmin UserRole, i'd assume that this user can now create new 
> users, but also that the this user can do this from the web GUI. well, 
> if i login on the webpage, i only see the possibilty to list the users.
> is there something that i'm missing?
> it's a standard setup with almost no modifications to the gold config 
> files (i only needed to set the database user).
> many thanks,
> stijn
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