[gold-users] meaning of Display

Stijn De Weirdt Stijn.DeWeirdt at ugent.be
Thu Aug 7 10:55:49 MDT 2008

hi all,

i'm trying a few things out with gold to see how we could benefit from it.

but i have a question about the Display=true|false meaning of an Action.

the manual still (incorrectly) lists it as part of an Object, and 
describes it as 'Since we would like to manage licenses from the web GUI 
we will set Display=True.'

in the changelog i found that the Display attribute is now set to 
Actions, so i thought as following: the User object has an Action Create 
which has Display set to True. if i know create a user and give that 
user the SysAdmin UserRole, i'd assume that this user can now create new 
users, but also that the this user can do this from the web GUI. well, 
if i login on the webpage, i only see the possibilty to list the users.

is there something that i'm missing?

it's a standard setup with almost no modifications to the gold config 
files (i only needed to set the database user).

many thanks,


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