[gold-users] gold charging differently than maui stats

Scott Jackson scott at clusterresources.com
Wed Nov 21 12:58:59 MST 2007


Maui (and Moab) calculate their charge based on walltime*procs (this is
the simplistic formula, Gold can mix in other charge factors as well).

>From the case below, that would be (EndTime-StartTime)*Procs =
(1194358866-1194282506)*10 = 763600.

I believe the field you are looking at is ProcSeconds Utilized and I
believe it to be the sum of all the CPU times used by the processes in
the job.

This of course will be a bit less than the procseconds calculated based
on total possible processor seconds based on walltime. It will exclude
system processes, etc.

The current Maui allocation interface does not send this CPUTime
ProcSeconds Utilized metric to Gold, so Gold would have no way to charge
based on it.

Most sites like the behavior of the current formula and design. If you
need to use CPUTime, Gold will support it but Maui does not pass CpuTime
to Gold, so you would be left with two options:

1) Modify Maui to Send a CpuTime value to Gold in its charge call
(either yourself or negotiate to have CRI do it for you).

2) Interface with Gold via the prolog and epilog to do the reservations
and charges -- passing in the CputTime value on the gcharge command line
or via the Perl API.

Let me know if you intent to pursue one of the two options involving
interfacing with Gold to pass in the CPUTime and I will give you a
couple of pointers on how to make Gold recognize the new paramter and
factor it into its charge formula.



On Tue, 2007-11-06 at 15:47 -0600, Jay Becker wrote:
> Is there a charge policy that makes gold charge the same amount as shows
> up in maui stats?  I have gold ChargeRate at 1 and maui
> CHARGEPOLICY=DEBITALLCPU but medium sized jobs are showing up with about
> 5% more charged in gold than in maui.  For example, through gold Account
> Statement I get this line:
> Job Charge 8737 default <user> cmp-cluster 2007-11-06 08:21:24 -763600
> but in /usr/local/maui/stats/<date> I get:
> 8737                   0  10    <user>       <group>   86400 Completed
> [default:1] 1194270906 1194282506 1194282506 1194358866    [NONE] [NONE]
> [NONE] >=    0M >=      0M     [NONE] 1194284550  10    0 [NONE]:DEFAULT
> [RESTARTABLE]    [NONE]          [NONE] [NONE]   0 727584.52
> DEFAULT      1      0M      0M
>    0M         0 2140000000 node056:node055:node054 <cluster> [NONE]
> where I understand usage to be 727584.52.  Where does gold get it's
> charge numbers from, and is there a policy to make gold and maui charges
> the same?  Maybe I am just misreading the docs, but DEBITALLCPU sounds
> like what I want to be using.
> Thanks,
> Jay
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