[gold-users] gold charging differently than maui stats

Jay Becker jaybeckr at cmpgroup.ameslab.gov
Tue Nov 6 14:47:00 MST 2007

Is there a charge policy that makes gold charge the same amount as shows
up in maui stats?  I have gold ChargeRate at 1 and maui
CHARGEPOLICY=DEBITALLCPU but medium sized jobs are showing up with about
5% more charged in gold than in maui.  For example, through gold Account
Statement I get this line:

Job Charge 8737 default <user> cmp-cluster 2007-11-06 08:21:24 -763600

but in /usr/local/maui/stats/<date> I get:

8737                   0  10    <user>       <group>   86400 Completed
[default:1] 1194270906 1194282506 1194282506 1194358866    [NONE] [NONE]
[NONE] >=    0M >=      0M     [NONE] 1194284550  10    0 [NONE]:DEFAULT
[RESTARTABLE]    [NONE]          [NONE] [NONE]   0 727584.52
DEFAULT      1      0M      0M
   0M         0 2140000000 node056:node055:node054 <cluster> [NONE]

where I understand usage to be 727584.52.  Where does gold get it's
charge numbers from, and is there a policy to make gold and maui charges
the same?  Maybe I am just misreading the docs, but DEBITALLCPU sounds
like what I want to be using.


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