[gold-users] allocation expiration

Scott Jackson scott at clusterresources.com
Tue May 8 12:37:30 MDT 2007


First, I will describe what happens and why on the positive balance

Let's consider what the user would want to see when running a bank
statement for the month in which the allocation expired. The beginning
balance for the month might be 1000. The ending balance for the month
was 0, because the allocation became expired. How do you account for
that. You will see 500 worth of charges, and then as the allocation is
deactivated, this represents an additional debit to the user's available
balance (it will be of type "Allocation Deactivate"). Also, for an
allocation that starts in the future, this will be seen as a credit when
it becomes active "Allocation Activate". After the account has expired,
the allocation itself will still have a positive balance. It is just
that it is inactive so is not counted anymore in the users balance. 

I think you can see this.

Correspondingly then, when an allocation with a negative balance is
deactivated, it will represent a credit of sorts, for he will owe less.
Again, the allocation will still show a negative balance were you to
list it. It is the fact that it has expired that it does no longer
contribute to the user's balance and the expiration will be seen as a

You might want to consider not putting an expiration date on your credit
allocations (expiration date of infinity). Wouldn't this work?

Is this what you have? Do you have credit allocations mixed with debit
allocations? Just credit allocations? Just debit allocations?

Can you get me a glsalloc output for the accounts in question so I can
see how you have things setup?

glsalloc -a <account id>


On Tue, 2007-05-08 at 11:49 -0400, Kevin Van Workum wrote:
> Scott,
> I have a question about how allocation expiration works. If, for
> example, I make a deposit of 1000 credits into an account with an
> expiration date of 2007-05-01. What exactly happens at the end of
> April assuming the account balance is -500 at that time (1500 credits
> used in April)? I would want that the account balance remain -500, but
> I think what happens is the account is debited -500 for a total
> balance of 0. It makes it appear the user got an extra 500 credits for
> free. 
> On the other hand, if the account balance at the end April was +500
> (500 credits used in April), I would want the behavior I see, i.e. the
> the account is debited +500 for a total balance of 0.
> This is a little confusing, so I hope I made myself clear. 
> Basically I want to have use-or-lose allocations, but still allow
> users to carry a negative balance. I only want unused credits to
> expire. If a user goes over their allocation in a month, I'd like the
> negative balance to be remain, not not expire. 
> --
> Kevin
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