[gold-users] Re: Make gui

Scott Jackson scott at clusterresources.com
Fri Sep 22 18:02:09 MDT 2006


No, it is not needed. This should be changed to goldg.conf. This has
already been changed in the development version I am maintaining.

The gold gui used to be based on Java JSP, but there were several
problems that could not be overcome in Java, so I rewrote it using Perl
CGI. What version are you trying to use?

I can provide you with a version with a "working" Gold GUI based on Perl
CGI instead of Java JSP (which is obsolete and has been removed from the
current code base).


On Thu, 2006-09-21 at 16:24 -0700, Charles Collins wrote:
> Thank you.
> When "make install", the file goldj.conf is not found.   Is it needed?
> When "make gui", I see a long list of "no such file or directory" for every file in src/*.cgi.pl, and then the process hangs forever when creating autisuggest.js
> I would really love to se a gui tool for this accounting system.
> Thanks, again.
> Charlie Collins

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