[gold-users] Principal investigator role

Tim Robinson twrobinson at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Sep 4 02:43:18 MDT 2006


I am having problems implementing a PI role in gold ( What I
would like to do is allow a PI (ADMIN) of a project to add or delete
users from his/her own project.

zzcgutwr at defiant:~$ goldsh RoleAction Query Role==PI
Role         Object         Name    Instance
------------ -------------- ------- --------
PI           ProjectUser    ANY     ADMIN
PI           Project        ANY     ADMIN

zzcgutwr at defiant:~$ goldsh ProjectUser Query Admin==True
Project Name     Active Admin
------- -------- ------ -----
tea     zzcgutwr True   True

So, I should be able to add users / delete users etc from my project
tea. However, I can't:

zzcgutwr at defiant:~$ gchproject --addUsers slave2 tea
zzcgutwr is not authorized to perform this function (ProjectUser Create)

If I set the instances to "ALL" then I can add users to *any* project,
which is obviously not what I want.  

Thanks for any advice,

Dr Tim Robinson
Manchester Computing
The University of Manchester
Kilburn Building, Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL
tel: 0161 275 0603     

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