[gold-users] column "g_admin" does not exist

Alessandro Federico alessandro.federico at caspur.it
Tue May 30 10:27:33 MDT 2006


with gold- i have the following configuration:

gold at cmslab03:~> goldsh RoleUser Query Role==ProjectAdmin
Role         Name
------------ --------
ProjectAdmin afederic

gold at cmslab03:~> goldsh ProjectUser Query Admin==True
Project Name     Active Admin
------- -------- ------ -----
biology afederic True   True

when I try to make a change to the biology project
as user afederic, i get the folowing error:

[afederic at cmslab03 ~]# gchproject -d blablabla biology
DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  column "g_admin" does not exist

Looking at the server log file I have found that the wrong
query is:

SELECT g_admin FROM g_object WHERE ( g_project='biology' AND
g_name='afederic' ) AND g_deleted!='True';

For some mistake this SELECT is done on the g_object table
instead of the g_project_user table.

Does anybody know how to correct this bug?



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