[gold-users] same person with different usernames

Tim Robinson twrobinson at manchester.ac.uk
Wed Aug 30 03:23:06 MDT 2006

Hi gold users,

We are currently investigating the use of gold as a complete user
management system (from user registration through to end of project).
The gold system seems to be very much focused on the username (a
particular person), which may or may not be linked to many projects. 

What happens in the case that the same person has different userids on
different machines? Or worse, there is a userid "amy" on one machine,
but that is a different person to that with a userid "amy" on another
machine? Would one have to use lookup tables on various machines to map
userids to the right usernames in the gold database?

Thanks for any advice,


Dr Tim Robinson
Manchester Computing
The University of Manchester
Kilburn Building, Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL
tel: 0161 275 0603     

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